Business consultation

Anchor Solutions offers expert business solutions that drive business growth and increased effectiveness.

Optimize business processes

Efficient business processes are essential to strengthen and improve the market position of your company.

The key question starts by determining which processes are most relevant to your business performance. Possible topics are:

  • How do I ensure that my team works as efficiently as possible?
  • How can I improve our quotation process to get a better grip on content and hours?
  • How do I optimize the work process of our customer service so that our company provides the best service?
  • How can I manage projects and keep track of progress, quality and costs?

All these processes are carried out by employees. Think of project managers, sales consultants, calculators. Deploying software is a powerful tool to support them and the process. The software ensures that all employees go through the desired steps in a uniform manner and that the output is uniform and fits your business philosophy. We have extensive experience in optimizing business processes and are happy to advise you on the design and optimization.

Microsoft Office 365 expert

Many organizations work with Microsoft Office 365 for their business processes and know that this is a powerful platform. However, often only a fraction of the possibilities offered by this IT package are used. Your team could do so much more if they just knew where to start.

We help you make the most of the power of Office 365. Our Office 365 business consultant gets to know your company and quickly discovers ways to streamline your workflow. We teach your team how to increase their efficiency and encourage them to use the tools that Office 365 offers.

Some of the programs we work with are:
  • Microsoft Teams, a unified communication platform that can be integrated into the organization. Teams is used for messaging, calling, video conferencing, and file sharing.
  • One Drive, a cloud file service, so you can access and sync your files from any device.
  • SharePoint, is a platform that serves as a framework for setting up a website for information exchange and online collaboration within a group or organization, as often happens on an intranet.
  • Excel, a powerful data visualization and analysis tool
  • Flow, a tool for automating processes. Ideal for easily converting time-consuming and common actions or approval processes into workflows.
Software implementation consultant

Sometimes IT systems are not properly set up, so that users cannot work properly. For example, a program such as Sharepoint is activated by the IT department. However, because there are so many options, users do not know exactly how it works and create (too) many different folders, or they do not set up authorization groups correctly. People cannot find documents, they find the system clumsy and ignore it.

Software does not work for your organization in this way. Our business consultant helps you with this, so that employees do want to work with it and use the software correctly.

Schools are also struggling with the structural implementation of educational software packages in education. The use of software such as Magister depends on the ICT skills of the teacher.

As a software consultant, Anchor Solutions also helps with the use of educational software. Ranging from help in the selection process of the best suitable software for your school to implementing: setting up figure administration, attendance and absence registration and contact with suppliers.

Hire an Excel expert

Many large organizations work with large Excel files. These have become more and more complicated over the years, so only one person or a small group knows exactly how it works. Or there is a complicated document with work instructions, so that employees without that manual completely get stuck. Often bugs have crept into the document and all sorts of cumbersome actions have to be performed manually to get the correct data. "It is easy to make a complicated Excel, the strength is in the simplicity"

Anchor Solutions makes your Excel files transparent and user-friendly again. As an experienced Excel expert, we help you with custom files for your: administration, (management) reports, business data analyses, accounting, stock management, CRM.

How do we work?
Anchor Solutions provides business consulting before, during and after the implementation of Office 365 and other software. When you contact us; we immediately identify what you want to achieve. We work for both small companies and international organizations and can be deployed from home and on location.
We are immediately available for small issues of a few hours to large projects of a few months. Our approach is pragmatic. As a small-scale business consultant, we distinguish ourselves in direct contact, good accessibility and flexibility. During each project we closely work alongside key users to ensure that the actual end users within your company will be able to use the software easily and correctly.
After an initial collaboration, many companies continue to structurally work with us as a business consultant for optimizing business processes. For example, when the organizational structure changes.