App Development

We develop generic apps and custom made applications on behalf of customers. Our approach is pragmatic and focuses on the best result for your question. From start to finish, we always have the wishes and convenience for the user in mind.Our expert team of mobile app developers offers you and your customers smart, intuitive applications to improve your processes and organization.

Anchor apps

As an experienced app development agency, we have developed a number of standard applications for general questions within a specific industry. Consider, for example, a tool in which all sports activities for athletes and trainers are collected in one location, an internship visit planner and an app for supply and demand of voluntary work. Customers can immediately use these generic apps at a fixed rate.

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Developing custom apps

Do you have a specific wish for which custom software is the right solution? You can contact us for custom made apps that are fully developed according to your requirements in order to work as efficiently as possible and always with your end user in mind. Thanks to this method, you have complete freedom and the possibilities and functionalities of the app are practically unlimited.

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Application development process

At Anchor Solutions we like to keep things simple. Regardless of whether you have a general app for your industry or a custom app developed, we always look at what is already there and think about ways to integrate existing technology into a new app, designed according to your wishes. We are able to properly connect existing systems, such as payment systems or video conferencing, with new functionalities. In this way, we keep the time required to develop an application as short as possible and we look for the best solution to fit within your budget. Below you can read more about our development process.

First consultation & inventory

We work closely with you to understand your business and develop an application that suits your needs and helps you achieve success. During this initial inventory, we will discuss the core of your problem and help us find out exactly what needs to be built.

Estimated duration: 1 to 2 hours

The key question converted into an app

We eleborate your question or problem into a concept. We try to find a solution that really solves the core problem. We start with a simple key question. For example, a customer question could be: can Anchor Solutions develop a solution that allows teachers to efficiently plan internship visits? Because now it takes teachers a week to contact sixty companies to plan an internship visit.

After that, all kinds of possible scenarios arise to take into account, making the core question increasingly complex. For example, in the case of an Internship Visit Planner app, a link with the teacher's agenda and sending a reminder email must be considered. There are all exceptions and additional requirements that the app must meet. When all the details have been examined, we downsize it to a simple and user-friendly app, which provides a complicated solution for a simple core question and from there it is up to us to arrive at a user-friendly application.

Duration of concept development: 1 - 2 weeks

Have the app developed

With an Agile approach, we ensure that the end product meets your expectations. At the end of every 1 to 2 week sprint, we release a piece of functionality and working prototypes to use, so that you can monitor the development process and are able to provide feedback along the way.

We work with agile communication tools for this. This way you are in direct contact with programmers and testers through Slack. This ensures short lines of communication and direct feedback. We also create a project in Jira. Here you can see exactly in which phase of the development process we are in and you have insight into what will be delivered for every sprint.

Duration of app design and development: 1 - 2 weeks per sprint, 6 to 10X weeks in total

Launching your application

Whether the app is released as a beta or for an internal or global audience, we guide you through the implementation of the application. Our goal is to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): the first version of an application that meets the core question of your problem. A permanent part of the implementation is guiding and supporting your employees. In this way we ensure that people actually start using this application. After launch, it is possible to continuously optimize your application and expand it with additional functionalities, so that you stay ahead of the latest releases and innovations in your market.

The best platforms and frameworks for building apps

We develop applications and native apps for Android, iOS and web. Depending on the wishes of the customer, we determine which platform offers the best possibilities to build the app or software. We are aware of the most modern techniques and are familiar with the most renowned and latest frameworks. We work with:, Firebase, Flutter, MongoDB, Node.js and Swift.