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As a software development agency, we help optimize your company and improve the lives of your people with functional software and well-made apps.


App Development

Would you like to have a new app developed or adapt an existing application to your wishes and organization? You can contact us for both generic apps and custom made applications.

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Business Consult

Need help analysing and improving your business processes? Need an expert who teaches employees to work optimally with the right software, such as Office 365? Get help from an expert business consultant

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About Anchor Solutions

Anchor Solutions is a small-scale and flexible software development agency in North Holland and was founded in 2017 by Hans Anker.

As a software developer, it is our mission to develop apps and business solutions with a sense of business, technology and user experience, which help organizations achieve their goals. We believe in a user-centred approach to connect business processes and people, improving the lives of your employees and customers. Apps and software as they are intended, functional products that users can easily work with.

Technology is constantly evolving. This is something to be excited about and offers companies many opportunities to use the right technology to their advantage. Always based on your needs, we look for the appropriate techniques to set up a successful strategy that provides the best results.

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